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Smart Roller shutter garage doors are innovative roller shutter doors with a built-in motor, making them more convenient to use, cheaper to operate and easier to maintain than existing roller shutter doors. Smart Roller garage doors are available in the traditional single panel design, but they can also be purchased in custom sizes. These doors are made from durable aluminum, so they are strong and can last up to 2- Year Warranty. Smart Roller garage door also has several key advantages over other roller shutters.

Quick Installation Process of Smart Rollers

Smart Roller garage doors are unique in that they can be installed quickly. In addition, we prebake all our garage doors off-site to ensure minimal customer interruption during installation. As a result, your Smart Roller door will be up and ready to use in just a few hours. 

24/7 Hour Service

Whether you are away on holiday or work long hours, a roller shutter garage door is ideal for homeowners and renters alike. If you have an emergency with your roller shutter garage door, our 24/7 emergency service can be with you in no time at all to resolve your problem. We provide emergency repairs to all makes and models of roller shutter garage doors. Our engineers are highly trained in their field of expertise, and we use state-of-the-art technology and parts.

2 Years Warranty

Our 2-year warranty supports our Smart Roller Shutters. Our Smart Roller doors come with a small first-installation fee, but you won’t have to worry about paying for service calls or any high costs later. Once we set them up, they’re yours to control and maintain. Rest assured that we stand behind our products 100% with genuine parts and professional installation; however, the process is entirely automatic once installed, and you don’t need us anymore.

Free measurement

Our trained technicians will visit your home or business to provide a free measure and quote, giving you peace of mind that every detail has been considered and discussed. With our dedicated customer service team available by phone or email, you’ll never be left in limbo wondering where things are with your installation. We take pride in what we do and look forward to making your garage door one of our smartest investments. Contact us today for more information about Smart Roller doors.

Modern Design

Modern roller shutters are designed to be minimal and are ideal for any home or business. They bring a modern touch to any home with an industrial look and feel. The new Smart Roller shutter is an innovation in roller shutter technology that utilizes many different components such as cameras, sensors, microphones, alarm systems, and even television screens.Smart Roller garage doors add excellent security and safety to your home or business because they cannot be lifted open outside your property. A sophisticated design is a brilliant idea; Smart Roller has precisely that. With automatic roller shutters, you can achieve comfort by having it close at night so that excess light does not enter your rooms.

Great Communication

I’m really impressed with Smart Roller Doors. The communication was great from start to finish, and the garage door looks great


The Garage Looks Amazing

We are over the moon with our new roller doors from Smart Roller Doors. Not only do they look so much better than the old garage doors, but they have also made a huge difference to the temperature inside.


Wonderful Team

We have been very impressed with the two gentlemen who came out to fit our new roller door. The workmanship and ease of installation was amazing.

What Is An Roller Shutter Door?

The lightweight, double-skinned aluminium with a high density foam insert will provide maximum insulation to keep the garage warm in the winter and cool during hot weather.

Increase protection from UV and infrared rays

Automatic Opening, no heavy lifting

Improved insulation

Quiet, smooth functionality

Protection against volatile weather

Highly secure and effective deterrent for break-ins

Reduced sound pollution

Strong physical barrier


Are your doors insulated?

Yes, both our 55mm and 77mm garage doors offer good insulation thanks to their double skinned aluminium and foam filled insert. Our compact 55mm range have a foam filled insert of 6-8mm thick and for our larger 77mm range, the insert is 16-18mm thick.

Are your doors electric?

Yes, all of our Automatic Garage Doors are electric and can be operated via a remote control.

How many handsets does the door come with?

All of our doors come with two handsets as standard, although extra handsets can be purchased, with up to 25 total handsets being compatible with one door.

Are your doors weatherproof?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a weatherproof door as the components need to be able to open and close. However, they will offer far better protection against the elements than an up and over garage door. We have also included a double brush feature in the guide runners, a fully enclosed top box and a rubber seal in the last slat of the curtain.

What happens if there is a power cut?

In the event of a power cut, you can operate the door via a manual override handle that is supplied with all our roller garage doors. This facility is only applicable for emergency circumstances. If you also do not have alternative access to the garage we will install an external override. 

How secure are the garage doors?

Our Smart Roller Doors are more secure than many other garage door designs and styles currently on the market.

The doors feature a minimum of four locking straps that incorporate heavy duty direct connect linkages for maximum resistance to forced opening this means there are fewer opportunities for unwelcome visitors to attempt a forced entry.

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