Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, Roll-up tarp for shed door If you need a door for your shed, barn, or garage, you could use heavy-duty vinyl to make a roll-up door. These will last for a long time and won’t cost nearly as much as a metal or wood door.

Vinyl doors are a good way to keep snow and rain out and block the wind.

In this picture, you can see a door we made with zippers that run vertically along the edge of the tarp. This way, the grommets on the tarp can be used to secure it to the frame of the shed or barn, but it is still easy to get to. If you only want to walk through the doorway, you only need to partially unzip one side.

How To Make A Roll Up Tarp Door

A tarp was used as a barn door.

When you need to put or take out equipment, you can unzip both sides and roll up the door, like this. Under the door, ropes are wrapped vertically so that the door can be locked in any position by pulling on the ropes. In the picture near the bottom of the page, you can see another roll-up door that doesn’t have a zipper.

Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, Heavy-duty vinyl comes in a lot of different colours, so you can usually find one that matches your building. Rats, skunks, and other unwelcome “guests” will also be less likely to get into your utility shed or barn if it has a door.

Before you order a roll-up door, you should think about a few things.

How will you secure the tarp door to your frame?

Most of the time, we will put grommets around the edges of the tarp. Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, The standard distance between these is 24″, but this can be changed to fit your needs. There are also D-Rings, Marine Snaps, and Common Sense Fasteners that can be used as fasteners.

What should the width of the tarp be?

Make A Roll-Up Tarp Door, When using standard grommets, decide where on each side of the opening the grommets will be screwed or anchored, and then measure the distance from centre to centre between the anchors on each side. This is where your grommets should go, add 2 “to this distance to figure out the width of the tarp.

How tall does the tarp need to be?

When using standard grommets, decide where the grommets will be attached to the top of your opening, then add 1 “to this to figure out how high the tarp should be.

Will you need zippers?

You can partially open a tarp with a zipper and roll it up or down without taking the grommet anchors off. If you want to add zippers, you will need to figure out how far in they should be from the edges of the tarp. Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, Also, choose the length of the zipper.

The door rolls up and there is a pocket on the bottom.

Will the bottom of the tarp need a pocket or sleeve?

Most tarps have pockets where you can put a heavy rod or pipe to keep the tarp in place and help roll it up. Some people choose to use grommets instead so they can attach a bar or large dowel to the bottom. 

Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, You can use a PVC pipe filled with sand and capped at both ends. This is better because you can change the weight by adding or taking away the sand. It won’t roll up well if it’s too heavy or too light. If you’re adding a pocket, think about what you’ll put in it to make it heavier. The size of the pocket will depend on how big this is.

The most common configurations for rollup tarps are:

Tarps with two rows of zippers on the side edges and a roll-up centre 

You can also make it so that the whole tarp rolls up. On the right is a picture of a piece in this style. In this case, you would have to either not secure it on the side edges or take the side grommets off every time you wanted to roll it up.

When figuring out how high your door should be, it’s best to keep the bottom of the tarp just a little bit off the ground. This will keep the tarp from getting worn out from being dragged across gravel, etc., by strong winds. Also, in cold places, this would keep the tarp from freezing to the ground.

Keep in mind that we only sell the tarp, not the way to roll it up. Most hardware and building supply stores sell the parts you need to put together the roll-up hardware. Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, We recommend using online guides and tutorials to find a list of parts and instructions on how to put them together. Here is a link to a video that gives an overview: of designing a roll-up mechanism.

Roll-Up Door Sizes

Most standard door widths are up to 30’4″ (9.2m) and heights up to 28’4″ (8.6m), and custom door sizes up to 1500 sq. ft (1.39 sq.m).

When choosing the size of a roll-up door, the first thing you need to know is how much headroom, side room, and backroom you’ll need. These sizes are based on the size of the rough opening, the surface areas where the bracket will be mounted, and the clearance areas.

Make A Roll-Up Tarp Door, At Door Systems, we have a full-service team for all your project needs. We can figure out the sizing and measurement details so you can focus on the project.

Other Roll-Up Door Considerations


Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, Whether you’re storing sensitive documents, expensive equipment, or valuable inventory, whatever is behind that door is probably very important to your business. If something goes wrong, it will be a huge hassle.

We have heavy-duty Roll-up security doors for all kinds of buildings (industrial, commercial, institutional, etc.). These doors protect your building from threats like burglary, vandalism, and unauthorised access. Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, The building will be safe for a long time because it is made of commercial-grade stainless steel, galvanised steel, or aluminium.

Temperature and Speed

When building or remodelling a building with a refrigeration room or another area that needs to stay at a certain temperature, you can’t use roll-up doors that aren’t well insulated or doors that open and close slowly.

Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, Door Systems sells a variety of insulated roll-up doors that save energy and meet the requirements of IECC, ASHRAE, and LEED. With technology that lets them open and close quickly, these doors can help businesses save money on their energy bills.

Our technicians have been trained to ask all the right questions to make sure that your project gets the right type and size of door. We’re proud to sell the best insulated rolling doors for saving energy on the market today.

Strength and resistance to wind

Your roll-up doors, no matter what size they are, should be the last thing you worry about. We’ll help you choose doors that will last for a long time.

Everyday use of a motor wears out the parts that move, and nothing lasts forever. A smart investment is to choose doors that come with a warranty from the manufacturer and are rated for at least 50,000 cycles.

How To Make A Roll Up Tarp Door

Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, If your business is in an area with a lot of wind, ask about designs that can bend. If you don’t know how the wind blows in the area, our team can look into the weather and make suggestions.

Door Systems has roll-up doors in all shapes and sizes.

Choosing the right size is only one part of the process of choosing commercial garage doors for a new building, renovation, or replacement doors. Make A Roll Up Tarp Door, Your business will use these doors for years to come, so it’s important to think about things that will affect how well the business runs.


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