Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Sectional garage doors with extension springs, or the “simple set torsion spring system” should be safe to install for anyone with above-average mechanical skills and the ability to follow detailed but easy-to-read instructions. Standard doors with torsion springs should always be put in by a pro. Since we don’t know how skilled you are, we recommend that all overhead doors be put in by a pro.

A rolling door is a big, heavy thing that moves with the help of electric motors and springs that are under a lot of tension. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Moving objects, tense springs, and electric motors can all hurt or kill you. Follow these rules to keep yourself and other people safe.

How To Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Important notes about safety:

Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Before you try to put it together, read the instructions carefully. If there are any questions about how to do something, don’t do it. Instead, hire a professional door company to install or fix the door.

1. Only open the door when it is set up correctly and nothing is blocking it.

2. The door’s springs are always under EXTREME STRESS. Repairing, adjusting, installing, and removing door parts, ESPECIALLY SPRINGS AND RELATED PARTS, are dangerous jobs that should only be done by trained door service professionals.

3. DON’T LET KIDS PLAY with the door that rolls up. Children could get stuck between the door and the floor and get hurt or even die.

4. Don’t stand in the doorway while it’s open or walks through the doorway while it’s moving. Someone could get stuck between the door and the floor and hurt or kill themselves.

5. If the door becomes hard to use or doesn’t work at all, it’s best to have a qualified door company fix the problem to avoid injuries or damage to the door.

6. Don’t try to put the door in when it’s windy. The door could fall and hurt someone or damage the door.

7. Make sure that all bolted connections are tight at least once a month to prevent injuries from parts that are loose.

8. To keep from getting hurt, don’t put your hands or fingers between the curtain and the guides while the door is opening or closing.

9. This page is not meant to tell you how to “take down” existing doors. Before putting in new doors, check with your local door agency to see if this is needed.

10. Before you start work, learn everything you can about the building rules in your area.

11. Always wear the right safety equipment when installing, adjusting, or fixing doors.

12. When installing, adjusting, or fixing bigger doors, you might want to use a team of two or more people.

13. When installing, adjusting, or fixing larger doors, use scaffolding or a mechanical lift instead of a ladder to avoid falling and getting hurt or killed.

The main purpose of this guide is to help the installer put doors up correctly, taking into account safety, functionality, and good building practices. The building codes in your area must be taken into account.

Install Roll-Up Garage Door, All Roll doors tell Doors to follow the general directions here. You can find more information about how to install the door that was sent with the packing slip and on supplementary drawings. There are also bolts and small sealed parts bags with lists of accessories that explain how they should be used.


Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Read the installation instructions carefully to get to know the names of the different parts and how they fit together. The installer must figure out:

the way things work (push-up, hand chain, or motor operated).

How the door guides are attached to the jamb (wood, brick, or steel) and what kind of fasteners are needed.

The measurements for the width, height, headroom, and side room of the opening. Material of the Door Check to see if your door is broken or missing parts. Tell your door supplier right away about any shortages or damage that happened while the door was in transit.

Clearances for Doors

Compare the sizes of the roll-up door opening and the space around it to the sizes on the packing slip. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Make sure the sizes are right for the opening you are working on. Pay attention to the width and height of the opening. Before installation, make sure that the Dimension Tables in this manual have the required clearances.


Install Roll-Up Garage Door, For each door, different tools are needed for a proper installation, but the following are often used:

Scaffolding, a mechanical lift, or ladders may be used (ladders are not recommended for larger doors).

There were wrenches, vise grips, C-clamps, a torque wrench, and a big pipe wrench. A water level, a chalk line, a measuring tape, and a plum line.

Step 1: Putting the roll-up door together

Roll-Up Doors that are sent by common carriers come to the job site in cardboard boxes. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Before you take the roll-up door out of its packaging, check for damage on the door and the packaging. If you find damage, you should file a claim with the freight company right away. Take off the door from the box.

Step 2: Check the wall opening for the roll-up door

A. Measure the width and height of the wall opening and make sure these numbers match the size of the door that will be put in.

B. Make sure the jambs are level.

C. Make sure the floor and ceiling are levels.

D. Make sure there is enough space on the sides of the jambs and above and on the sides of the header. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Check the requirements for both horizontal and vertical headroom. See Figure 1 for a list of the minimum requirements for clearance charts.

E. Make sure the mounting surface for the guide on the jamb is level.

F. Make sure the door comes with all the parts you need to put it in.

Step 3: Put the parts and roll up the door in place.

A. Make sure the floor is clean so the curtain doesn’t get messed up.

B. On the inside of the building, put the left guide on the floor perpendicular to the opening, with the bottom of the guide close to the left jamb and the top of the guide facing the inside of the building. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Do the same thing with the right jamb guide.

C. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Put the door on the floor on top of the guides and in between them. Turn the door as needed to get the bottom bar to touch the floor. Figures 2 and 3 are below.

D. Give hardware parts to the right places.

Step 4: How to put the brackets together

A. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, At the end of the door with the tensioner, lift the flange on the tensioner pawl until the end of the pawl is above the tensioner ratchet wheel. Turn the bracket so that the short leg end is facing up. Let go of the pawl’s flange and let the end of the pawl connect with the nearest tooth on the ratchet wheel.

B. Line up the top of the guide with the bracket and put the hooks on the bracket into the slots in the guide.

C. Slide the bracket and guide together until the tab on the guide locks fully into the notch on the bracket.

D. Use a hammer and a punch to bend the locking tab into the bracket notch if it doesn’t fit all the way.

E. Repeat steps 3B–3D for the bracket and guides with no tension. The bracket will have to be kept in place.

Step 5: Lift the Roll-Up Door Assembly. Installing rolling steel doors

A. Move the door and guides toward the opening in the wall so that the bottom of the guides rests against the jambs.

B. Lift the door assembly evenly, turning it around the guides’ bottoms. See figure 6.

Step 6: Jams Guide and Brackets

A. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Use the fasteners in Table 1 to connect the brackets and guides to the jambs.

B. The guides should be placed in the middle of the opening and curtain width + 1 inch apart “from the back of one guide to the back of the other guide. See figure 7. Both levels must be straight.

C. Each hole in brackets and guides needs to have the right fastener put in it.

Step 7: Setting the first tension on the spring

A. Turn the door 1-1/2 times in the direction that will send the bottom bar down through the guides.

B. Cut the tape and plastic wrap that is holding the door in a coil while holding the door firmly by the bottom bar. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Move the bottom bar down into the guides, stopping just before the head stop, and hold it there until step 7 is done.

Step 8: Head Stops for Roll-Up Doors

A. Remove the head stop from each guide.

B. Use a 1/4-20 x 1/2″ thread-cutting type F hex screw to attach each head stop to the guide.

Step 10: Make sure the roll-up door works.

A. Lower and raise the door to test its balance.

B. Raise the spring tension if the door is easy to close but hard to open.

C. Lessen the spring tension if the door is hard to close but easy to open.

Step 11:  Adjust Spring Tension

A. Set 3/8 “diameter winding bar in tensioner ratchet wheel.

B. Turn the winding bar anticlockwise to make the spring tighter. Each time a tooth is engaged is equal to 1/8 of a turn.

C. To lower the tension of the spring, gently pull down on the winding bar until the pawl comes out of the tooth. Install Roll-Up Garage Door, Lift the pawl’s flange and move the winding bar up until it’s past where the pawl and tooth meet. Let the pawl rest on the ratchet wheel and keep moving the winding bar up until the pawl is fully engaged with the tooth.

D. Remove the winding bar and operate the door.

E. Repeat steps 10A–10D as many times as you need to.

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