The cost of a roller garage door can range anywhere from $600 per $1,350 for a small door and everywhere from $1,350 per $1,850 for a pair of doors on average. There are many aspects that contribute to the total price, and if you are looking for the most affordable garage doors in Queensland, we will demonstrate how to do so. If you are interested, keep reading.

Despite the fact that garage doors are primarily used for practical purposes such as protecting your vehicles, storage area and other valuables from intruders and the elements. They can also be designed in such a way as to give your area a more updated look and feel.

Because of these factors installing the appropriate garage door is a tried-and-true method for improving the safety & appearance of your home.

What Are Their Prices Like?

One type of garage door to consider is the roller garage door, which is also known as a roll-up door or a coiling door. Regardless of the material that you select  roller garage doors can be some of the most cost-effective options.

The cost of a roller garage door can range anywhere from $600 to $1,350 for such a single door and anywhere from $1,350 to $moyer for a two-door door on average.

What Characteristics Set A Roller Shop Door Apart From Other Types Of Doors?

This is an interesting matter because almost all garage doors can roll transparent in some fashion in order to provide access to the garage. Roller garage doors on the other hand  have a few advantages over other types of doors like sectional and tilt doors due to the engineering design of these doors. These advantages make roller garage doors worthwhile.

The following are the distinguishing characteristics of a roller door:


Roller doors, unlike other types of doors do not move along a fixed track when being opened or closed. They instead retrace their steps and wind themselves up into a coil.

They are able to do this due to the fact that they are constructed out of a large number of horizontal slats. Which provide the door with versatility in terms of storage. Because of the way they are designed, these doors are frequently used in areas that have a restricted amount of space such as garages.


Aluminum, which is typically used in the construction of roller garage doors is a lightweight metal that is easier to lift thanks to the roll-up design.

Because of this, the motor that controls the opening and closing mechanism of the door will experience less stress. Which will help the lock last longer overall.

Aluminum doors are also simpler to clean than doors made of other materials to remove dust you need only spray them down with water from a hose or wait for it to rain before cleaning them.


A slider bar on the inside of the garage can be used to lock roller garage doors into place preventing them from being opened by force from the outside.

Many of them can also be outfitted with locking straps. Which in addition to the fact that the slats themselves freeze into one another, makes it extremely difficult

What factors go into determining the cost of a roller garage door?

Unfortunately there is no one set method for determining the door’s cost.

Prices for the same product from various manufacturers, distributors and installers will vary depending on a wide variety of factors. When it comes to determining the cost of a roller garage door. There are a number of factors that go into play. However, it is important to remember that you should always receive an estimated tax quote for any project.

Each size does not suit all.

The opening that needs to be protected by a roller garage doors. Will almost always require a door that is custom measured and made to fit that opening. Allowances take into account things like ceiling height, overlap and seals.

In general the greater the size of the window (or the greater the amount of material that is needed to construct it) the higher the cost of the door will be. Single doors typically measure 2.4 meters by 2.1 meters. While double garage doors measure 4.8 meters by 2.1 meters.

It is in your best interest to avoid relying on standard sizes because many openings are tailored specifically for a given home.


Aluminum is an excellent material for roller garages. Because it is sufficiently robust to safeguard your barn but lightweight enough to prevent the lift motor from becoming overworked.

As was previously stated, this makes aluminum a great choice. Doors made of aluminum can also be double-skinned. Which offers a higher level of insulation and protects the home from a wider range of temperature swings. (whether it’s a sweltering day in Queensland or an Arctic blast).

However, you could also find car roller doors made of steels. Which is a material that is known for its durability and effectiveness as a deterrent against burglars.

The lifting mechanism is going to be upgraded so that it can handle the additional weight. It is crucial to bear in mind that some of these only come in a single-skinned option. Which means that they’ll be less efficient at preventing the loss of heat and cold.

Roller Door Prices

When shopping for a new car roller door for your carport shed or garage. There are a lot of different aspects to take into consideration. There is a significant amount of weight placed on aspects such as brand, color, size, and style. Nevertheless, the most common concern expressed by customers is related to the cost.

The cost of the roller door ought to be only one consideration among many when making an informed choice. Regardless of whether you are installing an entirely new sliding door or replacing an existing one with a new one.

Wholesale Garage Doors offers the most competitive prices on skateboard doors in all of Australia. Our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to guide you through your subsequent purchase of a garage door.

The following is a rough estimate of the prices for some of the most popular roller doors for garages and sheds:

Wholesale Car Doors only uses garage door brands that are of high quality. Which made in Australia and are owned by Australian companies. The cost of a garage door will change depending not only on the size of the opening itself.

But also on the kind of door that must be installed. The prices listed above are only a guide and are based on doors with a single opening.

Wholesale Garage Doors works with customers to determine the type of roller door that is most appropriate for their projects in order to help them obtain the best possible price for the roller door. The design of your garage door is going to have a significant impact on its cost.

When you are searching for a good standard roller door. The cost will be significantly lower than. If you want a panel lift or futon couch garage door that is fully customized and designed in a stylish manner.


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